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This website is for "End Users".

When it comes to bookkeeping software, most only think about Small Business People as having a small set of blinders on that we need to remove yesterday.

Each and every human is a small ball of Energy engaged in a Strange and Cyclical Game of Commerce, making each of us a Small Business Person in our own Commercial Play, and nary a one is without a need for this education and these tools. Nary a one.

Small Business People

Since the Dawn of the Digital age you've been presented with a false dichotomy. Either take up Intuit's Flag and their overly complex database system for your Bookkeeping called "Quickbooks", or resign yourself to a combination of paper, spreadsheets, or far lesser transaction categorization systems that made most feel less than whole in one way or another.

If you tried to retreat to Intuit's lesser offering called "Quicken" or one of 100's of other minor Bookkeeping solutions, every one of them was missing some critical piece or they were oddly complex in other bizarre ways.

Could this all have been by accident? The short answer is No. Look at Microsoft's involvement in Intuit in the early 1990s, look at their desire to build and control monopolies and learn more about how monopolies are controlled and you will realize that false dilemmas are the name of their game.

What we have provided is a sophisticate, but straight forward, functionally correct "spreadsheet" that operates enough like a database system to perfectly meet the needs of all small business people for Bookkeeping, bar none.

And the craziest part? This exact system could have been offered in a spreadsheet template in the 1990's too.

While we offer a cloud based solution by default, that just adds to the spreadsheet experience in General, but it's still all just spreadsheet programming at it's core, and thus, you are witnesses now to the true flaws in Capitalism while gaining your own tools for life simultaneously.

This type of solution only gets "overlooked" once everyone is "encouraged" to believe others are looking out for their own best interest.

Better late than never.

The best part about this?

Once you learn how to use the Bookkeeping Module, your cloud computing skills , your spreadsheet skills and your familiarity with Google Platform options will have increased dramatically. From there, you will be able to see and understand how dozens of our other Free Templates can be utilized to make you ever more powerful, one step after another. You also will finally get a peripheral dialogue about affordable Unix, lower cost, more secure Unix Based Operating systems as a by product. And that has been decades in the make.

What you are learning is a new way to compute. The excuse for that is your Bookkeeping need.

A Calling for Students of All Ages !!

This education and these software tools are for Children ages 8 to 88 !

We live in a world where "Bankers" were empowered to make this Little Blue Ball a magical place for exploration.

The only problem?

At some point in the past few 1000 years, someone got into The Little Blue Ball Book of Curriculum and they started removing the pieces you needed to explore it in all the right ways.

The Solution?

It starts with Bookkeeping, Accounting and Financial Education with a twist of Modern, cloud based technology, because it's all finally ready to be unleashed.

Do you remember the story about the Alien and the Nomad sitting on a log sharing a Bowl of Grits? If not, maybe you will soon enough.

Welcome Home