Product Comparison Example

ZAP Accounting Software offers a suite of bookkeeping and accounting "software solutions" in modules which are functionally similar to but operationally very different from Intuit and all other minor Accounting Software players.

Our "software modules" are stand alone Google Sheet Templates. You make copies of them for free and use them in the privacy of your own Google Drive for the most private cloud based bookkeeping solution possible. Some can be connected to each other for larger working systems. This is paradigm busting news and a bit hard on Silicon Valley too.

Sound too good to be True?

The diagram below is a side by side comparison of our Bookkeeping Module and Intuit's Quickbooks. It's not even close.

What we have to offer is so unique, it's off the mental reservation for most right now, at a cost that can't be beat.

We are the only major vendor to come to market with stand along spreadsheet templates as opposed to lesser desirable database solutions.

We are the only major vendor to offer a Spreadsheet Template Based Bookkeeping Solution with a fully integrated and dynamic Balance Sheet.

We are the only major vendor that designed our software to enable users to enter positive and negative values on the front end as opposed to the dogma of debits and credits, an unnecessary encumbrance for data entry.

We are the only major vendor who created a 6 Box Model for Accounting Systems to help all levels of users understand their own needs, our offerings and those of others in a more transparent fashion.

Our Templates are FREE to all for LIFE because we work for tips.

Seeing is Believing.

Have you ever seen bookkeeping software where you can turn OFF Debits and Credits to see what
affect that might have?

You have now...

It'll happen so quick you won't have time to think.

Mentioned above, the 6 Box Model helps with discernment and conversations you never thought you could have with such clarity.

Templates for most of the items listed above can be found on our website.
See the "& Much More" page for that link and a few more...